Snowdrops and tweety

I LOVE these flowers...snowdrops.

I'm working on some in silver that evoke the same precious, droopy (bet you've never heard those descriptors together) feeling, but haven't quite gotten there.

In the spirit of spring gardens, and my current flower vignette obsession, I am reading 'And I shall have some peace there', about a former bigwig (Margaret Roach) from Martha Stewart Omnimedia who dumps it all and moves to her tiny country home. Very nature and garden oriented. I'm also reading Jodi Picoult's new book, 'Sing you home'. Book club Monday night for my pick 'Left Neglected' (Lisa Genova). It's been a good week of reading, in between making 28 of my dress pendants for the upcoming One of a Kind Show....yeah....that took WEEKS!

I am partial to this little birdy. OMG, I just remembered, when I was young, I LIVED for whenever the Tweety Bird cartoon showed up on The Bugs Bunny Roadrunner hour. He was so precious and sweet he (she?) actually made my teeth ache.

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