iPhoto Books

I love iPhoto books for use as a catalog. I print one out each year to have at shows...the cover page of my newest one is above. It's a great way for customers to be able to see all of your work...even if you've sold a particular piece or want to highlight a particular custom order. You need a mac to do this, but offers this for any platform, and I'm sure a number of others. Blurb also offers many more variations, but since I like the comtemporary theme, I'm good with this. I choose the spiral bound just because the hardcover with jacket may get yucky looking after being handled by so many customers.

Here are some interior pages...

...and the back cover...

p.s. Only thing I don't love is that I can't get my logo in nicely....long story, but when I get it right to my satisfaction, I'll use it.

p.p.s. $30 all in delivered to my door! May take longer at xmas, but I expect mine next week.

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