I had mentioned a while ago that I would share a VERY special Christmas gift I received. It was from littlest one. He is a special child, and very logical and black and white. Expressing emotion outward is not his strong suit.....I can go away for days, and when I come back, he'll see me and continue on whatever conversation he was having previously, as if I just went to the bathroom:)

Anyway, he came up to me one day in my studio and said "can you just write the word hug as if you were writing it on one of your things (vignettes)". I did it and never thought anything else of it. Imagine my surprise when I opened my Christmas present from him...

He had made me one of my vignettes, and cut out the title he had asked me to write so that it would be 'real'. Yes, I did The Exorcist....who was not born with the same easily triggered cry gene as I.

So.....his ever-so-fab school is having their fundraiser dinner this weekend and have asked for an item for the draw prize. I thought that since it is soon Valentines day, and the piece was inspired by their student, this would be perfect...

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