Runaround Sue

My sister sparked something the other day when she told me that poppies and black-eyed susans were her fav flowers. I got the poppy done (in Canadian Gothic) and now decided to work on the susans. They are actually brown eyed, so off to the paint store I went. BTW, I am back to being married to the Testor's high gloss enamel for many of the colours. I'm just now fiddling with the susans....which yellow is best, should I clip the petals so they're not quite as perfect, etc. Actually, the flower showing up as green is actually yellow, but not quite right. The one with only two petals may be the best, just doesn't show well in the photo. I'm thinking I will have a mixture of the two with the clipped petals. I'm also doing some in original metal clay as it shrinks over clay of choice, pmc3, only shrinks about 12%. That will give me a slightly different size for a bit of interest. You will actually not notice, but I will:)

Also, these don't have a gob of resin covering the whole top like the smoky and red poppies do. It just looks great on those, but the susan's are best without. I just put a dollop on top to give the round centre some more dimension.

Of course, as soon as I envisioned the susan's, the title 'Runaround Sue' popped into my head. You'll have to see how that plays out when I lay it out.

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