Canadian Gothic

I'm liking the way this is coming. It's just laying flat on a piece of paper, not affixed, and I'm adding and rearranging the flowers, but wanted to share.

My original intent was to use 16g fine silver wire for the window frame. I don't love fusing fine silver of that thickness so I was soldering. Just wasn't happy. Then tried Argentium, which I LOVE to fuse, but that was bothering me too. Switched to 18g Argentium and that made me happy as pie. Fused like a dream, and BOY do I LOVE melting stuff!

Just deciding whether I need to switch out the red flower to one with a white centre instead of black to go with the Canadian Gothic theme? I'll think on it and fuss...

BTW, even though we had a snow day today in Southern Ontario, my Rio Grande order arrived from New Mexico OVERNIGHT courtesy of my trusty UPS guy!

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