Sweets, schmeets....bring on the sour!

I don't normally take photo's of my food (my parents have been know to...usually on vacation...but that's another story!), but I just had to this time. As I've said before, I really don't understand the thrill of chocolate or sweets, my cravings run towards spicy, sour and salty. The other day, after spending a couple of hours straight in my studio, I was dying for a snack. My mouth was watering and I just couldn't stand how yummy my snack was going to be. After I 'plated' it, it just kindof dawned on me:

...Wow, I'm a bit weirder than originally thought:)

Doesn't this look AMAZINGLY good!!!.... hot peppers, kosher dill pickles, jalapeno stuffed olives and spicy beans. BEST part of all is biting into the pepper and getting the squirt of spicy pepper, really.....

Only thing missing is tomatoes, but they taste like cardboard this time of year.

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