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I'm on such a roll now experimenting with the flowers for my window boxes. Got the poppies right, but now want to see about other colours. LOVE this blue/purple! I've switched paints...OK, so I was faithful to the Testors for 2 days...that's how I roll. Anyway, this one is Tamiya acrylic with UV resin overlay. The acrylic is so much nicer just cause it cleans up with water and dries faster than enamel paint. I was originally leary that the look wouldn't be the same as enamel, but I'm thrilled!

I've made a few flowers with more realistic 'flower' shapes, but that bores me. My pieces always have to be a bit organic so these skewed round shapes are what I really like.

I really enjoyed myself today in my studio because I spent some time back with my traditional silversmithing roots....soldering the window shape for the boxes, riveting, etc. Here's a look at the preliminary components...

Can't wait to put it all together, but next comes the actual layout of the flowers, how to affix them in the box, I make a few leaves....etc..... This is truly the hardest part. The layout can take days. I have been known to take an entire vignette out of the frame and all apart just because the wire didn't lay exactly right. Sometimes I can't see it till I photograph it, but, rarely, it keeps bugging me after framing. I simply can't live with it, so apart it comes!

I haven't been this inspired and had this much fun since I first developed my dresses and shoes. It happened just the same way. Thinking, thinking, thinking, then crazy experimentation all squished into bursts of studio time....usually threw up a few times from the concentration....wish I was kidding, but I'm not......blah, blah, blah.

I have a great deadline to shoot for as I've got to send this and 2 or 3 other vignettes off to Robert Diamante in about 2 weeks for photo's. I am CRAZY excited!!!!!!! He's always done such an amazing job with my pics, but with the colour in these I can't wait!

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