There is STILL always hope!

In the last 2 weeks I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful woman, Sue, who wanted a special gift to mark the occasion of her daughter-in-law's (musician Angela Evans) upcoming cd release. She was drawn to my original piece 'There Is Always Hope' as Angela's music is very hopeful and uplifting in a global sense. Also, what a coincidence, the name of her cd is 'Still Hope'! Watch for it March 1st and consider supporting a gifted Canadian musician!

I made a miniature cd, tied it to a tiny heart, and placed it in such a way that it is entwined with the original piece. A truly personal work of art.

Sue was a pleasure to work with, and so open to suggestions. Some collaborations can be a bit of a challenge since people don't really understand the medium and may not be clear on the limitations or nuances of working with it. Also, it can be difficult as an artist if a person wants to completely change your style to suit their ideas, or just has a wacky idea that you want no part of:) Sue and I were able to work together and come up with a piece that really speaks to Angela and helps to commemorate a very special time in her life.

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