To Nana's House We Go

Last month I had the opportunity to work on a custom piece that was near and dear to my heart. The customer was gifting it to her mother who lives far away (Alberta) from her three precious granddaughters. I come from a family of three girls, so that is always special to me, but my heart will always be in Alberta so it was especially nice that it would be making it's way there. We also have wonderful memories of our visits to Grandma's house, either 'Grandma in Coldwater' or, even once, 'Grandma in England'!

We came up with 'To Nana's House We Go'. It turned out beautifully and was received with such appreciation I wanted to share a bit from the Mother's thank you e-mail to her daughter...
"...the little quote...To Nana's house we go... brought many heartfelt emotions; so many precious memories of your visits, all of them filled with such love."
The message in its entirety made me cry...this is exactly the response I hope to elicit from people.

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