Poppy Love

Finally got the poppy the way I want. The other experiment I tried yesterday didn't work, but, live and learn. Won't even go into days are filled with experimentation but boy am I glad when I get something right.

I used Testors High Gloss Enamel paint. I don't know what took me so long to find this cause my step-son has been a model maker for years and this stuff has been floating around my world via him. Anyway, just had an aha moment yesterday and tried it out. LOVED it. I've tried other paints, PEBEO mostly, and I've not been happy with coverage, workability, etc. Anyway, still not as easy as just paint and go.....

Remember, I want my stuff to last forever and put it through its paces. Yesterday I painted a number of samples, then filed them, wet them, scratched at them, etc. Turns out, I could scratch the paint off if I really tried and that was not good enough for me. I understand that my pieces are behind glass and won't come across scratches, but I didn't know if maybe the paint would flake off in a few years. Soooo.....along came the UV resin. I removed the paint just around the edges so a nice silver edge shows (it's all in the details), then put clear resin on top. By clearing a miniscule silver edge, that gives the resin a bit of clean silver to adhere to. Yes, it adheres to the paint, but if it's only adhered to the paint, and the paint can be scratched off the see????????????? The resin doesn't come off the silver, believe me I've tried:)

Anyway, now that I've figured this out I'm well on my way to creating some precious flowers for my silver window boxes. Working on the box today, and I'll post everything once it's done.

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