This xmas gift took me COMPLETELY by surprise! My husband is not a mac fan, but he loves to surprise me with the latest and greatest. I LOVE my iPad. So far I have discovered that it will be used mainly for magazine subscriptions and watching movies/tv shows online. I have already downloaded the Canadian House and Home issue and I was amazed at how quickly I have forsaken my paper issue. Just like with my kindle, I can see and feel the value immediately. Beautiful, bright photo's and so easy to navigate and make larger/smaller/whatever. I must say Martha has taken the iPAD technology the farthest. Every page has many different features to click on that are not available to the paper reader.

I have read 2 books this week on my iPad, purely out of curiosity, but I must say it will not replace my kindle for reading. For one, the kindle's 'ink' technology is just far superior and reading it is exactly like reading a printed page. The iPad's back light makes my eyes a bit sore, but it will definitely do in a pinch, and comes in very handy when reading late at night without disturbing anyone. Kindle is also much lighter, etc.

Anyway, although this was my most surprising gift, it was not my most precious. I will take a photo of that hopefully for my next post.

Have a wonderful new year all.

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