New Website

Since my custom orders have gone out I have been spending my days working on my new website. I LOVE my old site, but I felt a need to 'take it over' so that I could make changes myself whenever I had new info to share. If you recall, I did a post entitled 'My Web Designer is a Rock Star" where I extolled the virtues of using a pro. I still feel that way. My thoughts are that I could never have designed my NEW website myself without her original design. She was able to conceptualize my ideas in a way I never could have.

Anyway, I wanted my new site to be similar to the old and purchased the Out Of The Box theme for Rapidweaver. Rapidweaver is an awesome web site building software that I was directed to by my friend Ruth of Birdland Creations. She also told me to sign up for the tutorials, which I feel are imperative for success. All in, Rapidweaver, tutorials and extra theme was under $200. I think that's awesome for a professional looking site. There are a gazillion extra themes to purchase, but some lovely free ones come with Rapidweaver, so that is always an option.

If you have any questions about Rapidweaver, building a site, etc., please contact me.

It will still take some time to perfect everything and add my other pages. The photo above is merely a screen shot of my home page, but I think it's the final look....I'm quite loving it. I have a thing about simple black, but I wanted some colour, and with Rapidweaver I was easily able to match the colours from my logo bubbles for the menu bar, etc.

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