Custom Girl

Just finished up this custom piece for a lovely customer as a Christmas gift for a relative of hers. Won't say much about it cause it has to take a trip to it's new owner and I don't want to ruin the surprise on the way-off chance that she may see this. Suffice it to say it works perfectly for the situation. I'll let you know the title after Xmas.

This is my new fav dress pattern. Just makes me happy:

I'm spending a lot of brain time figuring out flowers for my window box vignettes for spring. May seem easy but so much thought goes into this stuff. The ones in the prototype don't make me smile because they are punched out of sheet, therefore way too perfect. I need to actually sculpt them by hand to get the right organic balance. I literally go to sleep thinking of it. Funny, when I'm finally in bed and comfy and ready to sleep I say to myself 'OK, now think about the flowers'. Actually puts a smile on my face. I LOVE figuring this stuff out.

Recovered from the run-in with Bambi's father, but now at my son's school the stories are coming daily of everyone else's near miss's. We really do live in the middle of nowhere...there was a policeman in the parking lot of the school the other morn just letting the teachers know that perhaps the kids should be kept close to the school as there was a coyote running around the playing field!

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