"Guess I'll be mountin' that one".....

....said the wonderfully helpful deer hunter who was the first one to stop last night after we had a run-in with a huge buck.

We are still amazed we are all unhurt (myself, husband, littlest and biggest boys). Littlest one was completely covered in glass from his windshield smashing in....front windshield completely caved in, but still holding, entire side of the car wrecked. The policeman ventured to say that the car may be a total beloved 2007 (?) Passat Wagon. Don't even want to think what would have happened had we been in our smaller car, which we debated taking.

So....of course, the first car stops to help and a man in Camo hops out, fresh from a deer excursion. He really was awesome, took us home, brought husband's jacket and gloves back to him, etc. He took the deer home with him, but not before the policeman and tow truck driver both gave him their info so they could participate in the deer meat extravaganza that would result from this. BTW, we did not hit hit us. Raced out from the trees beside the road.....chasing a doe.

Oldest boy had quite a shock when, as the buck lay dying beside him (at least 50 metres back, where it flew on impact), he looks up to see a man approaching in the darkness and it was Camo'd Deer Hunter.

So......ongoing argument with husband has been that he wants me to get the new, redesigned Taureg, while I said "No way, I want the Tiguan. The Taureg is way too huge", etc.....Anyway, when I got home I texted him back at the wreck....."You there anything bigger than a Taureg". Keep in mind, I was also hit by a truck on the 401 a couple of months ago, also with littlest one in the car. I've always thought people with large cars were crazy, but now living in the country and most always having a young child with me it just seems that I will have to suck up the stares and keep us safe.

Happy Anniversary to my friend Ruth over at Birdland. Asked her if The French Laundry was part of the celebration, but forgot...That's MY dream:)

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