OK, just as a side note, how many posts have I done with the same heading???

I am officially going crazy. I thought I was OK till I was forced to realize this week that people actually REALLY LIKE MY STUFF! Yeah, I knew that, but they seem to back this infatuation with money, so Praise the Lord and all that stuff (sing it Sister Wives....oh, just remembered I taped last nights special...oh.....who has ADD.....oh......anyway). Earth to, yes, I thought I was so fine that we have booked a weekend in Boston this weekend, you know, cause I was going to be SO FAR AHEAD!!!! That all came crashing down after numerous requests for my stuff this week, etc., and reality hit.

Here's a batch (about a week's worth) of pendants ready for protection spray.

Need to make a bunch more, not to mention assemble a bunch of framed mini's. I'm taking a break and staring at the new vinyl graphics/lettering I installed on my studio door. They make me feel quite official.

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