Happy to be making a dent in production, and getting ready for the show. Still have TONS to do, but when I start completing projects it feels great. After making my mini dresses, I still have to attach them to mat board, cut the mat window, shadow box them, close 'em up, put the backing on and attach hangers, labels and bumpers. The framing alone is quite a chore, but I really do like it, unless I have 20 to do at a time, in which case my trusty framer gets them.

Thankfully, I have this beautiful view to keep me company.....and Y&R:)....and Hoarders.

This is what my work island looks like it when it's kindof cleaned up.

The papers and tub are Littlest One's spot. His trusty sharpies are in the tub, and he uses them to create the greatest pictures. Yes, all he uses are is too short to worry about marking things up.....

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