Evolution...and....I FINALLY meet my stalkee!

I'm working on something currently that perfectly demonstrates how I work. Usually, I get an idea or concept and try to make it. It turns out looking like yuck, but that is ALWAYS step one. Then I do it again and again over the course of weeks and it finally comes out the way I want. Notice the evolution of 'The Dress'. I just laugh at how ugly this first one came out...

but after much fiddling..ta da!...

I'm working on a piece with poppies so I thought I'd show you my first one, then hopefully I'll have a great one to show in a while, after tweaking.

Now, for some fab news. I've been stalking/corresponding with a wonderful artist, Ruth Baillie of Birdland Creations for the past year or so. I really admire her work and was so happy to finally meet her. She came to Canada to visit with her equally lovely friends.... Marly and Angie of Studio 28. They all came by yesterday for a cocktail/chat and we had a wonderful time sharing stories of our artistic endeavors, etc. A sidenote, Ruth's "Quentin" creations are as lovely in real life as they are in her photos:). Moral of the story, stalking DOES pay:)

Ok, Ok, don't write me with your horrific true-life stalking tales....Sing along:

It's my blog and I'll be irreverent if I want to!

Anyway, have you ever noticed that you can have a lovely online relationship with someone (no...not a pervert or someone who lives in their basement and only comes out to pick up mysterious packages) but when you meet in real life it just doesn't gel. Or you may think that from someone's writings you'll get along fabulously with them.

I took a class a few years ago with an incredibly irreverent metal clay artist who really is one of the few who knows what she's doing (IMHO). Anyway, we corresponded a bit before the class, and I really thought that we would hit it off like long lost sisters. Remember, I'm always in the market for long-lost sister's cause I sure as heck am not related to anyone in my family!!!!:) That is no disrespect to my wonderful sisters.....I'm sure they want to know what rock my parent's found me under as well! Long story short, this woman and I just did not gel. We got along fine, but we just didn't click in the way I assumed I would. Live and learn.

Oh well.....perhaps Ruth, Marly and Angie would like to be my long-lost sisters......or perhaps as we speak they are frantically signing up for the witness protection program.........hmmmmmmm...........................

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