Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day! My top 10 reasons I LOVE Canada:
  1. Heath Care....did you really think I'd have anything else at the top!
  2. 4 Beautiful Seasons.....OK, at least in the places I have lived.
  3. No 'Toddlers and Tiara's'!!!!! As far as I know, these events do NOT take place here, although cheerleading seems to be trying to get a foothold, kindof to my dismay. I'm opposed to anything that seems to lead children in a superficial, beautiful people direction. If I'm wrong, no need to e-mail me...remember, I'm crotchety!!!
  4. We are a mosaic NOT a melting Pot....people have no need to lose themselves to a homogeneous culture. Even though we don't even have a team in the World Cup soccer event, everyone is so excited for their fav or home country and every car has a different flag on it.
  5. Fabulous education....only a handful of Universities/Colleges are private....I had to actually google to find one. No $40,000 tuitions here...and, yes, I'll put our degree's up against Ivy Leagues any day.
  6. I have never known anyone in my 47 years to own a gun, with the exception of 1 person with 1 old rifle (with no bullets)....and I lived in Calgary!
  7. No 'dynastic' families or crazy class system. We tend to look at people 'to the manor born' as a humorous sidenote till they prove themselves.
  8. A very easy voting system.....I will never understand the electoral college stuff in the US. Each vote seems to count equally, no matter where you live.
  9. Hockey
  10. Last, but not least, my beloved Calgary.

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