Meeting my Bruuuuuuuuuce

Last night I had the EXTREME PLEASURE of meeting my artistic idol, Cybele Young, at the Japanese Paper Place. Cybele works exclusively in washi (handmade Japanese paper) and creates miniature replicas of everyday items, placing them into vignettes much more elaborate than my own. I have wanted to own a piece of her ( know what I mean) for about 10 years but with gallery prices in the $10,000 range that will have to wait for my lottery win....although the landscaping plan I just received from my landscaping gods, Let's Landscape, will most likely use all of the $60 million lottery win so............................

BTW, the Empress of Japan has a piece of Cybele's, as does Ben Stiller and the Department of Foreign Affairs. of these things doesn't belong........

Anyway, about 10 years ago I made a part of a dress out of rice paper. I've got samples of tiny dresses I've made going back years, which have morphed into my silver mini's. I am now going to try my hand at making something similar out of the washi. It apparently has wonderful working properties....just can't wait to try it out. Funny thing...I know nothing about the papers and was told that I could come to the store another time and a woman would take me through and explain the different working properties of each type. Of course, being me, I told her "Thanks so much, but I'm going to just take home some paper and dump water on it, and do all kinds of other horrible things to it myself just to see what it does". This really floats my boat. I can listen all day to people telling me what I can do with something, but it just goes right over my head. All I want to do is subject it to all kinds of abuse and figure stuff out on my own. I will definitely let you know of my findings:) Extra wonderful thing. A sheet of high quality paper cost a few bucks!!!! After working with silver this is just a ridiculous bargain!!!!

Reno update. Here's my tub sitting in my new bathroom. It will be moved back closer to the window, but don't you just loooooove how you'll be able to participate in my bathing experience as you drive up the driveway!!!!!

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