My new upholstery God!

Bot this little "psychiatrist's couch" from the previous owners of the house for $75.00. I then saw the most amazing fabric in a local store and purchased it in order to reupholster. THEN, the store put me in touch with the most wonderful upholsterer and this was the result......

I love this in that forever kind of way:) Really, whenever you see what may be a piece of junk, picture it with beautiful fabric. BTW, the drawing hanging above is from one of my favorite artists....Anna Coughlan. We have 4 of her pieces, all bizarre dress/blurry woman with no head shots. Anyway, my daughter, The Exorcist, has already informed me:

"Don't be leaving that creepy 'kid without a head, Blair Witch thing' to me in your will":)

My poor children. I fully intend on haunting them from the grave:0

p.s. This is sitting in an empty house....unpainted, etc. Already moved my fav art just so I won't be as overwhelmed re the dire situation. It's working.....barely.......

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