Are you waiting for a new blog post?

Many people have commented on my lack of posts lately.....waiting for a new one. Honestly, I've been sooooooo overwhelmed with our new home that I could barely function. We had no intention of buying a fixer upper, and had a healthy budget for the reno's. I'm just falling apart on the details of the parts that didn't seem to be problematic, and are. Details are my world....

Anyway, I have not been working at all, but just received my beautiful new mini, solid wood frames (6.6" x 6.5", white). Previously, I had used tiny IKEA shadow boxes for a few pieces to give a less expensive option, but they seem to be discontinued in Canada, and, also, I'm just not pleased with the quality. I really do love the look, though, so my framer has come to my rescue. The new frames will cost more, but they are really sweet. Can't wait to fill them up.

Great news, Zilberschmuck sold THREE of my framed mini's the first week they had them. It feels great. Also, last night received an e-mail from a woman whose boyfriend bot her one for a birthday present, and she just loved it. It really does make me feel great.

Just sent some to Silver Bridge Gallery in Bracebridge. Can't wait to see what kind of reception they get.

I've got some great ideas stewing about that I can't wait to get rolling on. I need to just get to it.....soon enough.....and I'll try to post more regularly again. I'm aware that many people who follow me are more interested in my metal work than the trials and tribs of my reno so in the absence of new work I'll post some more stuff shortly on techniques, do's and don'ts, hall of fame stuff, etc.

Ohhhhhh.......have you read Sarah's Key yet?????? READ IT!!!!!!!

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