The studio demo begins

Spent today taking apart the new studio space. Silly me....I seemed to remember a room that just needed a floor, drywall and lighting.....but now that it's empty (previous owner had it full of carpentry equipment) I can see that it's not a nice, ready to go job:) He had closets, drawers and cabinets screwed in everywhere! Took a while but we unattached all. Tomorrow must call to get a dumpster in place. Ohhhhh.....that ceiling is going to require some fiddling before drywall:)

This view from where my main 'dirty' work table will be is what will make it all worthwhile.

Can't wait to start teaching from here....although it will be quite a while. The kids are just happy that I will no longer be using their bathroom for my smelly Liver of Sulfur'ing, and tumbling not Olympic style tumbling...metal-style tumbling:)

While MatMan and I were doing this, my husband was upstairs demolishing the master bedroom and bathroom. See where the two windows are....there will be 1 huge window going in (9' wide, extending almost floor to ceiling). The new master bath will be on the other side of the room where the previous owners had built a reading room.

Oh....awesome news. The Zilberschmuck Gallery sold one of my framed pieces the first day they displayed them! Makes me feel so 'real' if you get my drift:)

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