Something in the water?

Is there something in the water? I've had 4 custom requests this week, 3 from people who saw me at the One Of A Kind. Awesome, just weird that they came bang, bang, bang.


Although I consider myself to be VERY good with a computer, for some reason switching my iTunes from one computer to another always baffles me (pc to mac....ahhhhhhhh!). When I got my mac and iphone I just started over:) How lame is that (and expensive). Anyway, finally got around to downloading my stuff right now and thought you'd like to know what my first choice always is (excluding Bruce, he's always first). Anyway, my first purchase was The Nail File by Jimmy Nail. Very few North Americans seem to have heard of him but he apparently had some successful tv shows in England, put out a few cds and has not done much musically since. Anyway, I LOVE him!!!! Go to itunes and give him a listen.

Next on the list....Cat Stevens, Morning Has Broken (Sooooooo reminds me of my Grandma), and Jann Arden, To Sir With Love. Yes, I know the original is great, but she's a Calgary girl and this version takes my breath away.

What would be your first download?

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