Display Tips

I get a lot of 'Wow, what a good idea!' comments relating to my show displays. Thought I'd share a silly one here. BTW, above is my display in miniature set up for our Milton Artisans open house tomorrow. Just a representation of my work, and I've not followed the rules of displaying my jewelry above waist height, just used a coffee table as it's in my living room and this is a very casual event, perhaps with only beleaguered family members brow-beaten into attendance:)

Anyway, I display my earrings on an Umbra stand. I also use a different Umbra photo stand to display my dress pendants at shows.

I LOVE Umbra. Cool stuff, and you can use it for whatever... So......the big thing about displays is that people like to touch and you want everything accessible, so I bot 2 tiny lazy susan type contraptions to velcro to the bottom of my earring stands.

Tah Dah! They spin, so people don't have to crane their necks to see what's in back of the display, and I can fit more pieces on in a smaller space, while still looking stylish. The earrings also look nice and sparkly, and I think that movement and sparkle is important to a display. I just unvelcro the 'spinners' from these and attach them to the photo stand when I use that one.

Oops, also don't know if I ever showed a pic of this vignette 'Runaway Shoes'. It was a big hit at the One of a Kind Show. It was one of those pieces that just fell in the perfect way...that often happens when I'm working with chooses it's own pose. Picture is really bad cause this is an after-the-fact photo taken through get the idea.

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