NOT HAPPY - Ebay Trauma

I have ordered quite a bit off ebay in my life and have been pleased. I always pay attention to seller reviews, history, etc., but boy am I not happy today.

I bot a 100 pk of Logan blades for my mat cutter. I can't get these particular blades in Canada, so this is my only option. Anyway, seller looked good, product listed as Brand: Logan with this picture, etc:
Got my order today. It was NOT as listed. First of all, the box is not as above but is 'Logan type'. Now, this in itself makes me angry because you need to send exactly what you say you are sending. I don't care if generic brands are the same, that is not what I bot. Second, they are FILTHY! I would not be able to use these to cut my mats without extensive cleaning, and I did not sign up for that.

I have an e-mail in to the seller. I will give her a chance to redeem herself, but if she does not, I will then post her company name, etc.. I thought it only fair to give her a chance first. Very unusual - her seller feedback is great and many have written "Exactly as listed"!


Ooops, on a great note, my Kindle all of the sudden developed a display problem...can still read it but the upper right corner display is fried. Called today, excellent customer service, and I will receive a new one by Tuesday, no charge to me! Awesome!!!!

(Update to this post...seller seems mortified and is rectifying issue....we'll see.)

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