What's Next?

Here's my 'Tweet' and some other cat thing that I'll name when something comes to me:)...have to be REAL careful when naming a pussy piece.....I'm just sayin....

Funny, I've meant to mention this before, but noticed again when I looked at the pics close up. See how porous metal clay paper is on the bottom ruffle? I LOVE using paper and use it for collars, buttons, etc, but you can see that it really is not as smooth as regular mc. It's difficult to sand in it's dry state as it is never really dry, so sometimes I'll use a LIGHT wash of water. Water dissolves the paper almost instantly as my pieces are so small, but I seem to have developed just the right touch to smooth it with some water and still keep it intact.

Also notice a small nick on a collar. I'm not a crazy nut, I don't like my stuff perfect, but I often find that if I take a photo I can really see the flaws immediately. I'll smooth them out, or fix them now, which is so much easier than attempting to do it later.

That reminds me. I'll do a complete post in a bit on my finishing process and tools, from after the piece is constructed right through finishing/firing/colouring/final touches.

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