Size DOES matter!

I have long been in LOVE with the work of Willard Wigan, a micro-sculptor from England. He carves things and sets them into the eyes of needles, using an eyelash to sweep away the carved debris. He has done one in which he carved an exact replica (from memory!) of a church into a grain of sand...

The exceptionally wonderful thing about him (as if there is only one!) is that he is not completely satisfied with the scale of his works. He thinks they are too big!!! Apparently we ain't seen nothing yet. Can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

Obviously I love miniatures, and mine are about 40 billion times the size of Willard's, but the thing I'm always trying to modify smaller is not necessarily my object, but the pattern or text. (Funny, I can make my dresses smaller, but I really LOVE the size they are right now, so even when I made some tiny dress earrings they didn't speak to me.) I am regularly asked how I get such good results with tiny fonts... I routinely use a 6 point font with a 0 pt stroke for inny letters, 10 pt with .75 stroke for outies. I use this on my miniature dog collars and they come out beautifully. The following makes it possible.

  1. I only EVER use the steel backed, shallow plates from Whole Lotta Whimsy when I want tiny. I only use the deeper ones if I need a resin wall, but lately I'm really tired of that too, so I've discovered that the shallow ones also work just need a steady hand to avoid getting resin everywhere, which I don't have, but in that particular area I have been blessed. I'm impatient and have a shake, and am able to make progressively tinier things....who knew....
  2. I recut the edges of the steel plate so that they are perfectly flat, no curls. If you have a curl, the glass won't sandwich properly and the transparency won't lay flat, and may allow light into miniscule area's.
  3. Don't touch for a couple of hours after post-exposure so the full cure can take effect.

About 2 years ago I invested in a metal shear so that I could buy my plates in larger sheets and cut them however I want. BTW, yes, those are receipts, cd's, windex, metal shavings all on the cutting table....I like my things to mingle:)

Of course, if you don't know what a photopolymer plate is, none of the above will make sense. Just imagine it as the rantings of a woman hours away from her Young and the Restless/Bloody Caesar fix:) Bottoms Up!

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