Lordy, Lordy

Soooooo....what am I doing today??? Here's a hint...
Got to send in my Retail Sales Tax and GST. Blahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Of course, I am so not organized (but can't live with clutter) so before I do anything I have to gather all of my bank statements, sales reports, etc., etc.. Of course, I always have the latest and greatest of accounting software, but funny thing is with that stuff.....It only works if you USE IT!!! Also, because when I get in a cleaning frenzy (rare, but it happens) I throw out all bank envelopes, so that means statements. Then I end up having to reprint them online, which I do numerous times per year, then promptly lose them.

Anyway, got my provincial tax remitted online, so only have to do the are Jan/Feb/Mar 2009 bank statements????? Oh, I know where. They are in the special spot I put them in ages ago so I wouldn't lose them. Now.....where was that?????????????????????

p.s. Are you one of those people who don't separate out the taxes into another bank account when people pay you have to come up with $1,000 to remit them, cause you've already spent the money? I AM!!!!!

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