Finally...a Day of Rest!

Just sent out the last of my custom orders from the show. This is when I want an assistant/water boy/valet to handle things for me. It can become quite a chore to box things up, send final invoices, figure out shipping options etc. But as I often say, there are worse problems out there.

I can now concentrate on our move to our new house near Guelph, ON. We get it in one month, then have 2 months for reno's (though we'll need longer) then move in mid-July.

From the garage door left, all is studio/office. Pictured below is the second floor, which will become the top floor of the studio. It is currently the master bedroom....or principal bedroom as the more pretentious home show hosts (L.R.?....I'm just sayin...) like to say. Can't wait to sit in front of those windows and stare out. Procrastination will be sooooo much more fun.

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