Water Baby Boy is Born!

I've had many requests for a Boy vignette and have always resisted. They don't really 'speak to me', but a very nice woman at the show REALLY wanted Water Baby done for her son, so finally bit the bullet and took the order. I'm so pleased with how it came out, so there will be more Boys in the future. Keep in mind the next version of this will be called Just Add Water. Another customer at the show told me she'd seen that on a bumper sticker and I was immediately inspired.

I will do some sweet boy t-shirts on hangers, but because I give the shoulders some movement, that will be a bit tricky. I do love a tricky design problem. May work on some that involve flip-flops, but running shoes are currently out of the question. The little mary-janes on the Girl vignettes are so sweet that I'm really not inspired to do a little running shoe. I can already see it in my mind and the cuteness factor is not off the charts.

Anyway, thanks to my customer for finally making me do this. That's often how it works for me:) Just finishing up my other custom orders from the show and will be shipping early next week if any of you are out there in blogland!

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