Picture Day Story

Another great story from the show from a woman who was enamoured with my Picture Day vignette.
When her daughter was young (seems about 15 years ago?) she was in love with a gigantic hair bow. On picture day she begged to wear it but her mother forbade her (it was apparently hideous AND gynormous) and sent her to school looking spic and span with perfect hair. When the picture proofs came home, guess what? There was the infamous hair bow, smuggled to school for it's close-up:). I just love that. Of course, the mom is so thrilled to have the picture now. I love looking back at old school pics of the kids where their teeth were missing, or they look like they just rolled out of bed and said CHEESE! We love the stories that go along with these.

Who knew Lady Gaga would bring about the return of the gigantic bow! (No, this isn't her...just LOVE this pic).

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