Stories from the Show

The BEST part of the One of a Kind Show was having groups of women in my booth laughing their heads off at my vignettes, and sharing their childhood stories with me. I was inspired to create new works, and it was just all out funny.

Thought I'd share one. I have a dear friend c.a. who is one of the few people in the world who truly understand me. Actually, I can count those people on one hand, and since my sisters make up two, you can see there are few fingers left! Here we are at New Years having a blast as usual. c.a. is also a woman after my own heart as her one material wish in life is a Scavolini kitchen...she's been planning it for years...can't wait to see the real thing.

Anyway, c.a. grew up with 4 sisters. She immediately bonded with Water Baby and bot it at the show.

When c.a. and her sisters were young they used to play a game called Water Babies. They would each put their 2 legs into one pj leg and slither around the floor from bed to bed pretending to be mermaids. This actually blew me away because I don't recall ever playing this? How could I have missed this wonderful game????? Did anyone else know about this???? What a concept.

I think I'll give it a try tonight. Probably wouldn't surprise my husband one bit to come home and find me engaged in this. He'd probably walk in the room, take it in, and back slowly out...much like he used to do when he'd walk in the room to find me watching Jon and Kate + 8:).

More stories to come.

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