One of A Kind Show - the Thank You's

I'm finally starting to come back to life. Nothing a few episodes of Young and the Restless can't fix. First thing I must say is a HUGE THANK YOU to my sisters for helping me. I couldn't conjure up better sisters...they think I'm nuts but have never tried to change me. To the wonderful new customers and visitors I met: I've discovered that I LOVE you people who love my stuff, as you must be, for the most part, as crazy as I am:) Makes sense, you'd have to be to respond to the whimsical nature of my pieces. I wanted to get the phone number of each person and hang out with all of you....big deal for me as we all know that I am adverse to too much human contact. Along those lines, I came back to my booth after a break to hear my sister telling someone "She's kindof like Rainman":). Makes complete sense to me. I actually consider it a compliment.

The other enormous thank you to my husband, can't even tell you everything he did for me so I'll leave it at that. And the poor man rarely even gets dinner in return...I don't cook. He is truly one in a million. If you are one of those women who loves her husband but feels the need to trash him in public, please don't...treasure each minute. (Did you think I'd post without throwing in some sort of mini-rant?).

Had lovely, positive neighbours. Check out the beautiful work of April Gates. She makes the most precious pottery I have ever seen...and I am not typically a pottery person. Also, what a beautiful booth...does her work justice. Her wonderful mother Nancy was also a huge help. Can't wait to see her again at Christmas to buy some more things for my new house. Please visit her site and consider owning a piece of her.....did that come out right?:)...I'm just sayin.............

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