A Wee Lass In Flight

Remember my photo stuff is put away!!!...and....I am NOT a photographer:)

There is an artisan contest at the One of a Kind Show where artists enter a piece following a chosen theme. The pieces will be on display throughout the show in a central location. The theme this year is 'Green'. Now this can have many meanings....colour, sustainability, nature etc...... As soon as I heard, I thought this would be a great time to incorporate a bit of colour into my pieces with the use of resin. A Wee Lass In Flight was born. I think it fits into the 'green' theme perfectly.

It was important that the green fit in nicely with the goldish colour inside the shoes and the dress, so I simply coloured the shamrock first with LOS, then applied a transparent green uv resin which I got from Whole Lotta Whimsey. It came out just as I wanted...a bit wonky and imperfect. Althought the uv resin doesn't really work with opaque colours (the light can't penetrate fully), it seems to work just fine with transparent ones.

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