Soooo excited to be in the lead at the moment with Gold Medals. I don't think this has ever happened and it is very exciting. Canada often takes a lot of heat for winning so few medals at the games, but I have always thought the same thing: I'd rather have health care than medals:) Yes, I'm ranting again. We do not pay our athletes, and many have to hold down a few jobs in order to train, but I've always thought this was reasonable. I love and appreciate our athletes and their sacrifices, but bottom line is I don't want to see a family lose their home when a child gets ill, only to spend the money so we can look good in the eyes of the world with heavily subsidized athletes. It actually makes me love them more, that they work sooo hard outside of their sport just to be able to do whatever it is they love....isn't that the way it should be?

Can't wait for hockey on Sunday. Can't watch...can't not watch!

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