Trauma, Trauma, Trauma

OK, I'll preface this by pointing out that there are many larger trauma's in the world...I'm just sayin...
I am in desperate need of about 30 Ikea Ribba Frames, the small shadow box ones that everybody and their brother uses as an inexpensive framing option. I'm placing little dresses on hangers in the frames as a more inexpensive option for the One of a Kind show. My regular stuff framed in lovely solid wood custom frames costs between $175 and $300, so I wanted to be able to offer a less expensive alternative (approx. $125) at the show. Problem is...THERE ARE NONE OF THESE FRAMES IN CANADA!!! Oh yes, there are 4 in Etobicoke, and 1 in Vaughn....etc....but this is crazy. Most US locations I selected have tons of them, but nothing close to the border. I'm truly traumatized. I currently have 12 in my possession...that took about 3 hours of driving to and from 2 different IKEA's to procure, but that's it. I've checked Ebay and Craig's List...nothing.

So annoying, but not nearly as annoying as an earthquake, so I guess I'll just shut up and slink off:)

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