2 Weeks Work...why does it look so little???

Here are some of the fruits of my labour for the past 2 weeks....just set out on a tray for spraying with protector. None of the shoes are ready for their close-up yet...still need LOS, but by next week I should be ready to spend the week cutting mats and arranging the vignettes. Then, all over again for the second batch. I've got some neat ideas in the works.

Ordered my Propanel display today. That came to about 12 million dollars! Ahhhhh....starting out is REALLY expensive. Was going to rent hardwalls, but I really prefer to have my own, then I can spend days (weeks, years!) fiddling around with my display.

By the way, came across this photo on the propanel site...the display for Golden Egg Studio. LOVE the display (mine will be same colour, etc.) and LOVE her work. May need me one of those beautiful paintings.

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