Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (Yes, a familiar refrain)

Boy oh boy. Can't even describe the last few days, then tonight turned into a train wreck. Son had his surgery (all was good, he's home tonight), but I was sleeping in a hotel near the hospital for the last 2 nights and just wasn't settled. Then.......................

Got home today and the One of a Kind people called re my application! They liked it but couldn't open the photo's!!!! This has NEVER happened to me before. Soooooo, I e-mailed the files to them and guess what......STILL couldn't open them!!! That was it. I worked on it for about 2 hours and finally figured out the problem, but had a major meltdown about halfway through. The woman was lovely, and patient, but I don't know if this oppportunity is blown. Oh well, I'll live with whatever the decision is. Please think good thoughts. I'll keep you posted.

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