Ahhhhh!!! Still Working on Apps!

When will this trauma end??? I've been filling out apps for days. It seems everyone wants something different, all photo's have to be different sizes...1024 x 768 for Toronto Outdoor, 1024x2600 for One Of A Kind. Others don't want disks, but want actual photo printouts, which means a trip to Walmart to print them out on a Kodak machine, of couse, after cropping the photo to ensure it looks nice in a 4x6 format. Then there are the supporting materials...Artist Statement in one, Process in another, Price List in others. Although you'd think you just have to do this once then reprint for all, they still seem to want things to be slightly different. In the States they use the Zapplication method to apply for many shows....upload your photo's then just fill the stuff out on-line. Although the One of a Kind Toronto will accept this, they said it was not preferential .....ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

What you see above is the cover page I make for each app. That even took some doing. It has been pointed out to me (lovingly?) that I overthink things, but I think if they get two apps for the same quality product, and only have room for one, the app makes the diff.

Of course, if I get into these shows I will be a MESS! Our move date should be around July 15ish, smack dab in the middle of things, and how am I going to produce my art with all the packing/organizing??? Actually, I'm not worried. I work best under extreme pressure:)

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