Work Begins in Earnest (LOVE that word!)

I'm feeling rather corporate today, so a peek at another new photo for 'Born To The Boardroom'.
After 20 years in the investment world I wish I could leave the boardroom behind, but, alas, many times the experience comes in handy. This is annual show application week.

There is so much involved in show applications. Think of it: Over 1,000 people applying to a show (for the One Of A Kind for sure) and they are all creative. The old application-in-a-duo-tang won't cut it. The whole process will take quite a while, each show having different requirements, and all having different size specs for photo's. Aside from creativity, the application must cut it professionally. I'll keep you informed.

Last week, in the nick of time, I was invited to join a new entrepreneurs group. Basically a group of about 10 creative types who all run their own businesses, and want support and feedback. I felt a bit out of place as the only hands on artist, but without a business plan my creations will languish. One of the gentlemen even said he wasn't sure if I really wanted a business, and I may discover the answer to that over the course of a few months. He hit the nail on the head. I thought I wanted a business, but am the only one putting up objections to selling my stuff! I actually turn people down when they ask me about selling my art in their stores! Don't care for that! Anyway, that's all well and good if I got off my butt and threw myself into other avenues of selling. So far I have merely gently tossed myself in, as opposed to throwing myself.

Long story short, you don't need to tell me twice. The guy was right, and I'm completely on the ball now...albeit a ping-pong ball rather than a basketball. I'm actually looking forward myself to seeing what I'm going to accomplish this year. The sky really is the limit. I have the technology! Watch out world!!.....Ohhhhh....lots of exclamation points:)

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