It's 2:17 am, can't sleep, don't feel like starting anything, and wondering:


I've needed to take a big break after Christmas and hope to get back into things in the next week or so. The exorcist (new name for first born, see previous post) flies back to London tomorrow, then things will become more normal. In the meantime, here's what's going on/went on:

New Years was fun....can ya tell????

I cut out the others in the photo....cause I'm an attention hog.....NO!!! I don't like to post pics of others without warning them first...goodness knows they don't need stalkers! (I seem to have picked up a few of those, but I digress).

Got all of my stuff off to Robert Diamante in Maine for photographing, and it got HUNG UP IN CUSTOMS!!! Missed the appointment day I had booked with him so I am praying he can fit me in soon. I'm so glad they took the time to investigate my potentially explosive/dangerous shipment of miniature silver dresses and shoes instead of trifling with people carrying bombs aboard planes!

Funny shipping/customs story. Years ago my husband was expecting a nice, fresh lobster shipment. Got a call from UPS or whomever saying they had arrived but the crate was "slightly damaged". He went to pick them up and turns out slightly damaged is a euphemism for SOMEBODY BOILED THEM, ATE THEM AND LEFT THE CARCASSES!!! Gotta love that:)

Had my semi-annual foundation garment shopping spree (Oh, this will bring the stalkers out in full force). Anyway, after a full hour with 2 lovely salesladies poking and prodding me and stuffing me into various items 'just so', my extreme dislike of social interaction kicked in, and my most wonderful husband said "We're out of need oysters and champagne". Did I mention he is truly the most awesome man in the world? Anyway, off to Rodney's Oyster House we went. My husband loves to watch me eat oysters because I truly believe the first bite has got to be better than heroin, and apparently everyone around me can figure this out due to the delightful sounds I put forth. Please people...If you love something let the world know:)

Poor littlest son. His wonderful school seems to be modeled after British private schools in that they have a love of 'vigorous outdoor activity'. Starting next week they go cross-country skiing daily until March break. Before you get all excited, understand that he is NOT sporty, and the rule of the school is that they go out all the way until -20c (-4 farenheit for all you non-metric types)!!!!! How vigorous is that!!!!! Blachhhhhhhhhhhhhhh We have a severe cold snap in the forecast, so I am praying for about minus 25 (believe it or not I LOVE that) so that he will be spared. What a great mother I am...always thinking of his best interests:)...Power to the Man!!! Beat the System!!!

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