My Daughter The Exorcist - Very Off Topic

Quick note to anyone who follows my family....First Born is an EXORCIST!! True!!! She just informed me yesterday that when she was living in Rome, there were so many drunken Americans (her words) stumbling around that she and her friends thought it would be smart to get ordained online so they could help these hapless wanderers get married??? Amazing what passes for fun in some parts. Anyway, apparently after receiving her online certification (yes, actual certificate showed up in the mail), turns out she discovered she is also licensed to perform exorcisms! Awesome! Never know when that may come in handy.

I NEVER watch scary movies as I am a SUCK, and I was going to post a picture of Linda Blair at her finest to go with this entry, but I was so freaked out looking at the pics I just couldn't. So here is the one and only pic I will ever post of My Exorcist so that you could see what an officially licensed, certified one looks like:)

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