Getting Ready for My Close Up and Quite An Honour For Me

So I'm spending today and tomorrow getting my stuff ready to ship off to Maine to my rock star photographer Robert Diamante. I'm getting 10 pieces done plus my dress pendant to use as Jury Shots.

Just made another Boing and mounted it on the matboard so it would be all pretty, and another pendant that is a bit better than the first.

I can't send in my regularly done pieces as the photo's should not be done through glass, and I can't afford to have 10 framed pieces sent (as it is, the courrier will be about $100!!), so I've got one in each on my types of frames (no glass) then just matted. People will get the idea when seeing a photo of one in a frame, then can concentrate on the shots of just the matted pieces. I can't wait to see them.

I got a very lovely e-mail last night, and although it deserves a much more respectful forum than this, I wanted to share. A while ago in Toronto another young life was senselessly ended. A family member contacted me and asked if I could make my silver boxes in a larger size in which to hold their loved one's ashes. I was incredibly honoured that they felt my work was of a quality to meet this need. Unfortunately, my boxes are micro - only 1 inch square, so I had to decline, but I so wished I could help. I know that there is a trend towards smaller 'personal' sized holders so each family member can have one, but this is really not for everyone. Just warmed my heart to be considered.

People....CAN'T WE STOP KILLING EACH OTHER! Mother love is peace. Did the perpetrators have no one to love them? I wish I had an answer...believe me, I know it goes far deeper than that.

By the way, notice the diff between Robert's photo's (my box) and mine:).

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