Yum!!! Just had 3 dozen cupcakes delivered...YES DELIVERED!!..although these are for a friend. Mine arrive Dec 24. I met a lovely woman at a recent show, Lisa of Sweet By Design. She truly makes the best cupcakes I have ever had. Although she offers many wonderful flavours, she has a special Christmas Joy Box (not to be confused with Mr. Jeff's Joy Book in which young women are advertised for marriage!!!!!!!). In the box are 4 gingerbread, 4 eggnog and 4 chocolate peppermint cupcakes. They are DELICIOUS. I am partial to the gingerbread...I am soooo not a chocolate freak. If she could make chips and dip flavoured cupcakes I'd be all over them. Ohhhhh, clamato juice flavour???? OK, I can dream. Note, the only time I EVER want chocolate is when I've been drinking Caesar's. For some crazy reason, clamato juice and chocolate go together....don't even ask.

Anyway, if you live in the GTA (If you live in it you know what it means:)) please consider placing an order with her.

I always bring the desert for Xmas with the family, so this year it's cupcakes. I am substituting the chocolate peppermint for mocha in my order as my husband is a mocha junkie. I'm also getting a dozen vanilla with the icing taken off of half of them. Littlest Boy doesn't eat icing, although hers is really divine.

Nothing I love more than promoting another hard working entrepreneur with an amazing product.

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