Pendants and Systems

So after much trial and error, I've got the 'hanging system' right for the dress pendants. (LONG chain...30-32 inches) Funny, whenever anything is a 'system' my husband laughs his head off as this usually adds $100's to the price of things. My mat cutting 'system' was quite ridiculously priced over a regular mat cutter, as was my photo 'system':) Whenever I tell him about some new thing I'm buying he says in a rather exagerated manner..."Oh, is it a SYSTEM!"...but I digress.

This was difficult to figure out as after the hanger was configured, it had to be heat hardened as it is Argentium. As the hanger is an integral piece of the finale it has to all go back into the kiln for the hardening, then into the pickle. This means the colouring can only be applied after the fact, THEN the filing, and this poses many logistical problems with the hanger already in place. Anyway...pleased with how it turned out, now have to make one that is PERFECT to send to my photographer as every little flaw will show. Don't necessarily mean perfection in the usual sense, just need the hanger to be properly balanced, the colouring just right, etc. Something can look just great to the naked eye, but when properly photographed and blown up there will be things that you wish you had fixed.

Of course, this would all be much quicker and less painful if I used fine silver wire for the 'system', but this is no where near strong enough for this application. I like to tug on my pieces, and the hanger would eventually contort and deform (oooooooh, sounds quite gross). Heat hardened argentium is harder than sterling, and is my go-to metal for jump rings, ear wires, ring bands, etc.

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