Raid The Stash Part 2

Off again tonight, this time I'm wearing silver jewelry instead of the antiqued look of Friday night, so grabbed this from the stash. Man, this is fun! I just can't do this with earrings. Once i've worn them, I sure don't want to sell them even if I fumigate them. Just something about selling something that I have impaled myself with is a little off-putting. OH, that reminds me....Dexter tonight!!!!!!!

Tonight's dinner is with my book club....or rather, what's left of my book club. Apparently we are not as fabulous as we think we are:) People keep coming once as a guest, then are never heard from again. Perhaps we should take DNA from them when they come so that it will make the search for them easier later on??? I must tell you, I like our group. We have facinating conversations (rarely about the book)...maybe that's it????

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