Had an interesting conversation today with a dear friend and fellow artisan...who shall remain nameless cause I don't like to post stuff like this if they don't know it!!...and we left it by saying we would each apply to two shows this year that held some fear for us. For me it was outdoor shows. I just fear that we will have horrible weather and it will be miserable. For her it was a more expensive show...fear of losing a lot of money. We decided it was important to do this cause we had all kinds of excuses about why we couldn't apply to this show and that. What convinced me was that for the past two years I have done the same shows, nothing new. We thought what we were really waiting for was for someone from the top show (One Of A Kind) to phone us and say:

"OMG, we MUST have you at our show!!! Please!!! We will even pay your fee!!! You are a valuable asset to us!!!":)

OK, OK. We can dream. We have decided to conquer our fears, and both decided that it was rather motivating to set a goal like this. We'll let you know how it goes.

What can you do to conquer your fears?

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