Is The Carny Life For Me???

Soooooo, it's the time of year when I'm looking over shows for next year and have decided to get serious. This involves picking out good shows where I feel I may have a market. There are 2 outdoor shows that I will be applying for, but I just can't shake the feeling that I may become a carny!! Outdoor shows are a very different vibe than indoor, and a lot more "interesting folk" seem to participate. Oh well, I'm sure I'll look great in shorts, man socks and sandals:) ...I'm not meaning to insult, just taking advantage of a picturesque stereotype:)

Here's the dilemma. Most of the outdoor shows have no power available for lighting, which causes me some trauma. I would be inclined to just say no to doing them, but I have seen some great artisans outdoors before, so it must be viable. If anyone has any ideas for outdoor lighting that does not involve a generator, please let me know.

I'm also well aware that I may have some issues with humidity due to the nature of my framed mini's. Again, many artists do outdoor shows, so I guess the secret is a good tent?

Anyway, I'm hopeful to hear of any tips that readers can give me based on experience. Please don't direct me to tips on the internet....I've read them all:) I would love to do a post one day on really practical tips for shows, so if anything is heart-stopping I will certainly print it and credit you.

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