Uh, oh. I am in danger again of turning into one of those weird bloggers my daughter talks about who write "Today, I'm Sad":(. OK, OK, today I'm overwhelmed. I go through stages where I go crazy creating then hit a wall and can't function. I've done NOTHING but work on that customized piece, and have blown through any profit I may have made. Then, I sold my mat cutter and ordered a more advanced one which won't be here till early next week, and wouldn't you know it I need to cut something else for this custom piece! Then, blah, blah, blah.......just so much stuff going on.

Don't make assumptions. None of this is the "Oh, I'm so overwhelmed with Christmas" trauma. I don't get that. I have never gone gift crazy, have never tried to purchase my loved ones affections, so I don't start shopping till well into December and get it done pretty quick, although always with thoughtful intention. I will never understand the whole obsession news agencies have in January where they do reports on "paying for the holidays, now that the bills have come in". Do people actually do this??? Do they spend money they don't have on presents??? What's the purpose of that??? Please understand, I have had many different financial situations in my life, so I know what it's like to have a little and a lot and sometimes nothing to spend. What kind of lesson does it teach kids to go broke buying Christmas presents????

OK, rant over. Shall we talk health care?......OK, couldn't resist:)

Anyway, just a million details and a cluttered house fussing with my head. I'll tidy and get organized and start all over again.

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