Yee Hah!!! OK, so Calgary is my #1 place people:). I am soooo excited. Just now got a customized dress that I'm pleased with. So the 2 others are off to the scrap heap, but it was so worth hanging in there. I'm also in love with this new pattern.

The great thing is I've now figured out the right size for the font and the heart, etc. I know that may not seem like something that should be so much work, but these things don't make themselves, let alone jump out of the kiln perfect every time. Now to figure out the next one. I'm OK with the vine pattern (as shown in the previous post) but it's one where I can't manipulate the stroke size any thinner than it is, and I just wish I could get it minutely thinner. I'll figure something out.

Now, if anyone wants a customized dress, I can simply plug in their name and go for it.

HAPPY, HAPPY day! doesn't take much..........

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